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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use these tools?

DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES (patented) are Indoor Ice Axes used by looping stiff rubber straps over the holds used in rock climbing gyms. The climbing motion is exactly the same as when ice or mixed climbing. Now you can prepare for the upcoming ice season, in your gym, without worrying about injuring someone or puncturing the pads with sharp points raining down from above.

How will they help my training/improve my climbing?

DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES mimic the movement and body positions used while Mixed and Ice climbing. Aside from the obvious grip strength and arm training, many climbers report an increased awareness of their footwork when using the tools. Footwork is the foundation of solid climbing, and DRY ICE Tools help bring the climbers awareness back to the feet.

Also, it's no secret that rock climbing on many different types of rock makes you a better rock climber. We believe that many different types of climbing can also make you a better climber. Use DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES to diversify your time in the gym.  Indoor training doesn't have to be just rock climbing anymore. By thinking outside the gym, DRY ICE Tools help climbers rapidly increase their library of climbing moves.

I'm not an ice climber, why should I use them?  Aren't they just for ice climbers?

Climbers from all disciplines use them because more varied climbing makes every climber a better climber. There is simply no substitute for experiential learning. Climbers quickly learn that continued use of DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES greatly increase their grip strength, footwork awareness, core strength, and body positioning.  Also, gym owners agree that offering their customers more ways to use their climbing facility increases customer's enjoyment of their training experiences.

What makes DRY ICE tools better than other tools?

DRY ICE tools are better for three main reasons:
1) The handle of our tool is larger to accommodate for comfortable use with bare hands, indoors, in a gym. Regular ice axe handles are of a smaller diameter because they are intended to be used while wearing gloves.
2) Other tools may have straps that have 'teeth' or a 'taper' with the intention of increased friction. At Furnace Industries, we think that, like rock slippers vs. hiking boots, less grooves and a very slight taper means more friction on the holds.
3) DRY ICE tools have no sharp points! This means you can use them indoors without fear of damage to the wall, the pads, your friends, or yourself!

Why did you make them out of wood?

After testing several different materials, we learned that wood was the best choice for DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES because our hands did not slip off the grips when our hands perspired while climbing indoors.  Wood is lighter, less dense, but still provided the rigidity required for our purpose.  We also felt that, if a climber was to drop a tool (which should NEVER happen if they are being used properly with leashes) that the lighter wood handles provide a higher safety margin than other denser and heavier materials.

How strong are they?

We tested the strength of DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES at the Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Inc. of Youngstown, PA. After the destruction of several tools, the average results showed that the tools can hold 3.8 Kn, or about 860lbs (390kg). So unless you're a REALLY big climber, you should be good to go!

Can I lead climb with them?

Yes! Wear a Helmet, make sure the tools are properly leashed to your harness before leading, and make sure your local gym is cool with it before you rope up. We suggest using Black Diamond Spinner Leashes or Blue Ice Boa Tethers (available HERE) to prevent dropping your tools on your buddy's head.

Should I wear a helmet?

Yes! Always wear a helmet while climbing.

Are replacement straps available?

Yes! Please visit the Store.

Have you guys designed holds for these things?

Yes! We have custom designed DRY ICE Holds available in our Storee-Grips Climbing Holds and Nicros also make a line of DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES compatible climbing holds. Atomik alos makes a very nice set fo DRY ICE compatible holds.

Do you guys have Route Marking Tape so I can set a DRY ICE Route?

Yes! To mark routes for DRY ICE or ICICLES, we have DRY ICE Route Marking Tape available in our Store.

Will my gym let me use them?

Check with your gym manager for permission to use your DRY ICE tools at the gym. Unlike real ice axes, DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES do not require specialized holds for indoor use. There are no steel picks or spikes, so the tools do not damage the climbing wall, the pads, or your friends.

Can I rent these at the gym?

Yes! Like rock shoes, our tools are designed for use in the rental inventory at gyms. Ask your local gym about DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES if they have them for rental.

Where can I see these bad boys in action?

Right HERE!

Where can I try out these wacky contraptions?

The team here at Furnace Industries attends events, tradeshows, comps, the Climbing Wall Assocaition Summit Conference in Boulder Colorado, and ice festivals all over America! We can also do local demos at your gym. Drop us a line, or ask you gym manager about DRY ICE, and get climbing!